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9 Best Ways to Optimize Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Funnel


We all know that every business profits by closing more deals and obtaining more sales, so it becomes quite clear that the better your sales funnel, the more profit you will earn.

That is where the eCommerce conversion funnel comes into the role, optimizing your sales funnel, can accelerate revenue growth as it will drive a higher percentage of prospects throughout each stage.

A sales funnel can be considered as the process followed by every prospect like starting from their very first interaction with your business till the time, they become a profitable client or customer.

Creating a good conversion funnel for your e-commerce site involves not just one aspect but several practices that include the complete design of your site.

As the conversion funnel consists of various smaller stages, and each of them is important to make more sales.

The better you understand everything about a sales funnel, what it is, how it works, and how to optimize it, the easier it would become for you to find new leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

Sometimes, it becomes easy to visualize the funnel stages by just looking at the sales funnel chart.


Why Is Sales Funnel Important and How It Works? 

Sales funnel is just a tool for visualizing at what stage are your prospects in the process of making a buying decision.

Wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, the purpose of a sales funnel is to drive the qualified prospects from one stage to the next while leaving those who do not need your product or service at this time or are not the right fit for your business, the funnel becomes narrower at each stage.

There are four stages that exist inside a sales funnel and each stage describe the different mindsets as the prospect goes through to become a customer:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

You can change the purchase decision of prospects and improve your conversion rate after optimizing your sales funnel into the best eCommerce sales funnel.

If you can determine how to improve each at each stage of your sales funnel, you will convert a higher percentage of prospects.

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Best Ways to Optimize Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Funnel

To Optimize your mobile eCommerce conversion funnel, you need to work on every stage of it using different effective techniques to improve conversions in each stage (Awareness, Intertest & Evaluation, Desire, Action).

You should consider moving your customers through your funnel with a series of small conversions. This will eventually result in sales.

Here are 9 best ways in which you can optimize your sales funnel to make it convert better and obtain the best eCommerce conversion funnel benchmarks:


1) Understand Your Audience

If you want to optimize your sales funnel the most important thing is to know about your audience.

If you are targeting the wrong customer you are wasting your time and money. So the more you know about your prospects, the better you can sell to them and eventually convert them into your paying customers.

Along with this you also need to know your competitors and understand what works for them and how they keep up with their audience.


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2) Offer Convincing and Engaging Content That Answers Questions

As per the research, it is stated that using educational content increases up to 131% the chance that a customer will buy from you.

When you add high-quality content that can answer the questions of different customers and satisfies those who are looking for solutions to their problems, you put yourself as an expert and build trust while getting recognition.

You can start by putting yourself in their shoe and thinking about what the customers ask themselves every day? what are their challenge and difficulties? and what solution are they looking for?


3) Capture the Email Address of your Prospects

If you wish to sustain a prospect through your sales funnel, or if you want to establish a relationship and gain trust, then you need to have the email address of your prospect, without it, you will find this a very challenging task.

If any prospect is willing to give their email address to you it means they are open to creating a relationship with your business.

Creating highly effective content can be a great opportunity to capture email addresses. It is the best time to offer a user the opportunity to sign up while they are already interested in your content.


4) Use of Engaging Media That Makes You Stand Out

After you have got the attention of a prospect, you need to sustain this attention and work hard to stand out from the crowd.

You can achieve this by using engaging media to help your prospects search and understand your products and services.

You need to make them understand why your product is right for them which increases your chance of getting the conversion.

You can make use of testimonials, awards, and other customer success stories. This will help you in trust-building among your prospects and will also make you stand out against your competitors.


5) Eliminate Pop-Ups and Autoplay Videos 

Pop-ups when executed correctly no doubt are extremely effective in generating leads. But, when it comes to the mobile experience, there is probably nothing more irritating than these.

They are interfering and also prevent users from being able to see what they want.

Pop-ups, auto-playing videos, animations that keep flashing, are some of the most hated advertisement types on mobile sites. So, if your mobile site uses any of these remove them now.

They have a large impact on your mobile conversion rates.


6) Always Be Willing to Lend/Give a Helping Hand

Ensure that you are a hand to help out in an event your prospect is at the action stage of the funnel and have questions with only one step away before they convert.

Just make sure that you have got surprisingly easy and manageable ways in which prospects can get in touch with you and asks questions where they can expect to get a quick response.

But remember that phone numbers and email addresses will not work in 2020, prospects want instant answers. You can use live chat and chatbots to answer common routine questions.


7) Make the Checkout Process Easy and Seamless

Most people who add items to their shopping cart do not end up completing the purchase.

That is because handling everything on a small mobile screen and having to navigate with one’s fingers, becomes very essential to make the checkout process as simple and manageable as possible.

In recent research, it was that around 30% of shoppers leave the checkout process when they were asked to sign up, instead, you should create a user account automatically or offer a guest checkout.

You should also have a mobile-friendly design and free shipping to get more conversions.


8) Use Strong Call to Action

It might appear simple, but using strong CTAs is a great way to optimize your sales funnel.

If you have managed to get a prospect right through to the end stage of the funnel, you will never want to make the mistake of not telling them what they need to do next.

At this point, you should use a clear and straight-to-the-point CTA that drives a prospect to take the action you want them to take. For example: scheduling an appointment today! requesting a callback, etc.


9) Offer a Loyalty Program and Promote it (Loyalty)

The ultimate and last step should be the one that never stops i.e. keeping your customers loyal to you. This is an open-ended process that helps you build long-lasting relationships.

You can give a special loyalty plan with discounts and exclusive offers for those customers who buy more than once from you.

A recent report reveals that 84% of consumers believe that they’re more likely to unite with a brand that offers a loyalty program.


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Improving your conversion funnel is one of the most essential tasks for businesses. It is a continuous process that is worth your time and provides the desired results if done in the right way.

E-Commerce purchase funnel will make you know the right marketing strategy by assuring that you targeting the right audience at each particular stage in their buying process.

It makes you understand the reason why your product or service isn’t right for all your prospects.

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