7 Guest Posting Tips for Better Link and Brand Value

7 Guest Posting Tips for Better Link and Brand Value

Anybody that has ever composed a part of content understands how much time it takes to build a quality blog post.

But one question here is why would you allow somebody else to publish an article on which you have been working for a week?

The reason for this would be guest blogging for SEO, as it continues to be one of the most efficient content marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness, driving referral traffic to a website, and creating quality backlinks.

As link building grows to be a more cautionary practice it’s essential to get a fair idea of how to obtain the most useful links for your website, guest blogging, or guest blog post in 2021 can be a great method.

Guest posting is an exceptional traffic generation and SEO strategy used by the owners of websites and blogs as a promotion to enhance the visibility of their pages online.

If you are a blogger or writer and you want to post your blog on a certain website, you can get started by guest blogging, and by following some of the best guest posting tips you can accomplish your desired results within a definite time.

Google has now placed more inspection on guest blogging for SEO, but there is unquestionably still value in getting a link from a recognizable high-authority site in your niche.

With this being said, it’s not simple to secure links from the top sites-especially when you require to scale up your efforts.

Several sites simply offer “no-follow” links and with the increasing competition, there is no lack of good writers to populate those blog sites with some good-quality articles.

We have outlined some of the best guest posting practical tips based on the insights of several SEO experts.

So, probably, after going through this article, you’ll understand whether guest blogging is the way to go for your business.

By implementing these strategies right and with planned and strategized efforts, you can bring you more email subscribers, Google ranking positions, and a great head-start on your content marketing purposes. 

Best Guest Blogging for SEO, Better Link & Brand Value

Creating a successful guest posting strategy involves various significant steps.

These steps help you establish a solid foundation for your strategy, setting clear expectations, purposes, and standards for determining which opportunities work best for you.

guest posting tips infographic

1) Use Your Expertise and Stick to Your Niche

If you are a kind of digital marketer that mainly focuses on content in your business, then write about content.

The principal key to expertise is pretty easy, you should be an expert in whatever you are writing about.

If you writer who writes professionally about various subjects, then you run the risk of your brand by producing a confusing search engine evaluation of your content.

So, there may be some situations where you can write about something that’s not your absolute focus. Sometimes any odd exception is OK.

However, in general, you should stick to your area of expertise while doing guest posting.


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2) Search for Guest Post Opportunities

If you are not able to how to find guest posting sites, then you can utilize these three strategies:

  1. Discover sites that interest your audience.
  2. Find related sites that are similar to your ideal guest posting sites.
  3. Identify where your competitors post.

You can begin by looking for sites that interest and attract your audience. If you are not certain what your audience is interested in, you can use a buyer persona template to build a profile of your ideal consumer.

Additionally, you can utilize Alexa’s Audience Interest Tool to determine what sites your audience visits most and what they care about.

Just enter a site that you already know your audience uses. This tool produces a list of categories that interest that site’s audience. 

3) Always Produce the Evergreen Content

If you want your work to hold around for as long as possible, then you need to focus on creating evergreen content. You need to produce content that will have the equivalent relevancy 10 years from now as it is having now.

Professionals and experts are often requested for ideas regarding newsworthy articles. You are not certainly running for a huge splash, but persistence and longevity.

This may be challenging for ever-changing businesses like technology, but you should try to produce as much evergreen content as possible.

You can also follow this rule of thumb that to aim for guest post content that is 10% trending or newsworthy and is 90% evergreen.

4) Create an Appealing Storyline with your Headings

Most of the online readers serve as scanners by nature, around 42% of people agree to skim through articles when they go through them.

Now, this is a feature you can benefit from with an original title and detailed subtitles.

Your outline should reveal a storyline that simply represents the content of your article.

It should communicate to the reader what they will gain from reading your post and how will it help them.

Match up the headline with your principal points highlighted as subtitles.

5) Target Relevant, Powerful Websites

Several SEO experts focus on the domain authority of any website. But that particular element does not reveal the complete story of a website’s strength.

You’ll however notice several websites have higher DAs but weak copies.

These sites may be filled with some external links that remain inappropriate to the central focus of the website.

When you discover a powerful website plus if your guest posts also resonate with its audience, do as much as possible for that website.

Many guest posts simply highlight a link in the bio to the contributor’s home page. That typically indicates that the primary link is the strongest, and every one afterward has a diminishing return on value.

Concentrate on developing your brand here instead.

6) Get Your Links Count

The links that you have inserted within your article should provide value to the readers by bringing them somewhere that improves their knowledge of a particular topic or point.

Contextual links are more relevant than other links in the author’s box. Make sure to provide yourself with a link to content that is appropriate to your article.

You should avoid being overly self-promotional by making it certain that the links you give yourself are useful to the reader.

Always remember, extreme anchor text to the same page will end up as a negative impact on your ranking. Mix your links to look natural with a brand link, naked URL, and a long-tail wherever applicable.

Also, promote previously published articles and links to influencers and prospects.  

7) Never Miss On SEO

Some of the guest contributors miss SEO when making a guest post, including those that are inside the digital marketing space. For an appropriate SEO strategy, you should understand and implement the following:

  • Utilize target keywords in an almost 55-character title.
  • Target 1 or 2 keywords per guest blog.
  • Use numbers, headlines with numbers are the most preferred by readers.
  • The use of parentheses or brackets in the title improves click-through by 38%.
  • Utilize target keywords within meta descriptions of around 150 characters, including a clear call to action and a marketing message.
  • Use of related keywords that are naturally embedded into the content.
  • Accurately employ header tags with keywords.
  • Use italics, bold, and bullet points to make reading more comfortable, improving UX and on-page reading time.
  • Offer external/internal linking recommendations.

And lastly, never forget about SEO. 

Advantages of Guest Blogging:

  • If you’re using content marketing, guest blogging for SEO can be a key tactic to boost your traffic and content marketing ROI.
  • Guest blogging can be a crucial component of your marketing funnel, presenting offsite expert content.
  • Guest posting is an exceptional way to create brand awareness as the content you post on different sites tells new audiences about you.
  • These new users may visit your site, which means that guest blogging helps you bring new subscribers and enhance lead generation.
  • Guest blogging also builds trust.
  • A major SEO search engine optimization ranking factor is building links from high-quality sites and this also helps improve your site’s rank on search results pages.


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Guest posting is a well-executed strategy that will provide your website with targeted referral traffic plus enhanced authority as well as ranking ability.

It is considered one of the best strategies to improve your SEO results, get you in front of your target audience.

However, guest blogging for SEO solely does not provide backlinks. But when it is practiced as a part of a more extensive marketing strategy, it can produce some top-notch backlinks.

Even if you can publish a small number of guest posts on authority sites, you could easily notice a notable boost to your rankings and traffic.

However, good guest blogging is not that easy, which is why it is so effective. For the best results:

  • Promote your old guest posts.
  • Practice and experiment with writing for different blogs.

Be committed and consistent to guest posting for an extended time.