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Alto Palo – web design company New York brings your brand to life with an engaging purpose. Whether it’s digitizing business operations, establishing a web presence, optimizing web performance, or maximizing customer reach —Alto Palo is a web design agency New York that hastens brand growth through a uniquely distinct UX/UI design that’s right for your business.

75% of people base the credibility of business on how their website looks – Stanford study.

Our Web Design Company New York Process

We follow a UX design process that gives our users a pleasurable experience and also provides an opportunity for them to improve their designs.

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Before we get started with any project, we need to understand the basics first, which means knowing the essential elements, that are user, brand, mission, and goals, etc. This helps us to create a strategy for a successful design. Our web design company New York follow the innovative process to design your business website with right colours and layout.



Our research part is the core part of your project. The information and things we discover and find during this stage lay the foundation for how your entire project will turn out. As a professional web design company New York, our dedicated web experts always satisfies clients with great research and delivering projects timely.



In this stage, we use all of the collected information from the previous two stages to analyze and extract the most important elements. Designers use them to help learn several things about their customers like their, goals, needs, behaviour, spending habit, and more. We as a website design company analyse the full website and pass to the next phase after analyzation.



Now comes the time to build out your design which includes building things like, site map, images, icons, and colors. We also create a prototype of your product — a simplistic representation of your product, what your product will finally look like.



After the completion of the designing process there comes a phase where it’s time to implement and transfer everything to the development team that will create a high accuracy version of the user interface.



Once your product launches, it’s time for an added round of analysis. By completely analyzing the product and the UX process, we can get more out of the experience than just a product and resolve any of the issues encountered.

Our UX/UI Design Creation Tools

We’ve been using some of the best UX/UI Design tools that are extremely helpful in animating your business.

Adobe XD is a vector-based tool for creating prototypes, designs, and share engaging user experiences. It automates complex tasks and helps read, write, modify, and create content in the document. You can also add native and custom UI controls to improve creative workflows. This tool widely used by website design company for design purposes.

Marvel’s design platform makes things easy with its ability to create both wireframes and interactive prototypes, and do user testing, it provides a UI designer everything they need, all enclosed in a very neat interface with full of details.

Webflow provides you the power to design without understanding HTML or CSS. With the help of a clean interface and drag & drop functionality, it gives you the creative freedom to build whatever you imagine. It helps you to go from the initial idea to a ready-to-use product.

Visual Sitemaps helps in generating visual sitemaps. This tool has complete automation, the ability to go through password-protected websites, and the ability to import into a sketch. It makes it easy to perform in-depth site audits for UI and UX research.

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    Transform Your Business

    We make your UI/UX design project a successful experience. Our UI/UX web design services New York help you reach millions of global customers. We have an experienced team of developers that believes in creating innovative UI/UX designs to help grow your business.


    Feel free to discuss whatever web strategy, ask questions, research about your target audience, and competition. We are leading web design services who provide quality consultation and support during design and development process.


    Using our expertise, we’ll design every page of the website that will be both productive and will also fulfil your all requirements. Alto Palo – web design agency New York follow the approach to offer interactive design with advanced features that make visitors to revisit.


    We with the help of our skilled developers specialize in developing a website that starts generating hits and intensifies your business. We are trusted web design services that execute the developed code and results in responsive UX/UI websites.


    Our developers and designers work collectively along with our quality support team to develop your site. Being a web design agency New York, we ensure to satisfy our clients with latest design and technologies.

    Creating future-proof experiences is what we do.

    Being one of the best web design company New York, we uniformly put our efforts into creating appealing and rich designs along with interfaces to build remarkable user experience as well as interaction across the web.

    • Seamless user experience
    • Quality assurance
    • Top-notch designers
    • Improved customer loyalty
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