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9 Best Free PHP IDE Code Editors for Web Developers

To remain productive and competitive, writing suitable code in a minimum time is a primary skill for every software developer.

If you wish to take your programming skills to the next level, it’s worth looking into an integrated development environment or IDE.

Various advanced IDE can fulfill all your requirements as they offer many features that will enhance your programming experiences like automation, visualization, and customization.

The right IDE or code editor is essential for producing and maintaining high-quality code.

Due to the increasing number and manner of writing code and emerging new programming languages, a software developer needs to opt for the right IDE to achieve the objectives.

PHP IDE code editors save you from various minor problems and more likely complement your coding style.

They help developers to write, run, and execute the PHP code and also provide many more features like highlighting syntax, indentation, and auto-completion.

These help you to write and execute the code online without caring about the environment setup.

Looking for the best PHP IDE to compile the code. Here is the list of some of the best web development PHP IDE Code Editors that have caught the attention of the various software development communities:

best free php ide code editors for web developers

1) PHPStorm

PHPStorm serves as a great coding environment for all those who work with PHP frameworks like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

It has an easy-to-use interface that looks great and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This IDE can be customized with different themes and extensions to improve your programming experience.

It has various features like error highlighting, remote deployment, smart code navigator, and unit testing, etc.


2) NetBeans

NetBeans is the PHP IDE for everything that you need, it allows different languages, Russian, counting English, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, and basic Chinese.

NetBeans is much quicker and is lightweight, with the best support resources for all the PHP frameworks like Smarty Doctrine, Symfony2, etc.

Some of the essential features of NetBeans are smart code completion, getter setter generation, quick fixes, code templates, and refactoring.


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3) Eclipse PDT

Eclipse is the most popular and extensively used IDE which also has an open-source PHP development kit.

It is regarded as the best PHP editor to manage large-scale projects, but it also requires installing JAVA for getting work done.

This cross-platform IDE allows running code on multiple platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. Some of its essential features are syntax highlighting and validation, remote projects, and the power of the eclipse ecosystem.


4) Komodo

Komodo is a full-featured PHP IDE that supports multiple web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, Zend, CSS, Drupal, and more.

This software helps you to debug the PHP program quickly and easily with features such as unit testing, version control, and visual debugging, etc.

It enables you to define your workflow with project and file navigation and also helps you to inspect and test your code.


5) Geany

Geany is a simple and lightweight code PHP editor that utilizes GTK open-source toolkit. It supports numerous file types, including Perl, PHP, HTML, etc.

This editor autocompletes words or brackets. Geany simplifies project management and you can easily compile and execute code. It selectively hides and displays files i.e. support code folding.


6), founded by Adobe Systems, is an open-source editor for developing web applications. This tool helps you to design a website using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

This app can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and also allows you to edit the PHP script. Its features incorporate, preprocessor support, live preview, and inline editors, etc.


7) CodeLobster

Codelobster is an Integrated Development Environment for PHP that supports various plugins, including JQuery, Facebook, and more.

This tool organizes your files into the project and enables you to hide code blocks on which you are not currently working.

CodeLobster presents a popup list containing constants and variables, and a PHP debugger to validate the code.


8) Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a famous PHP Development tool that helps you to design, publish, and manage websites. A website built with DreamWeaver can be uploaded on any web server.

It provides ready-made layouts to build a website that can fit any screen size. This tool helps you to customize the workspace the way you want and also validates your code with an inbuilt HTML validator.


9) Codelite

CodeLite is an open-source tool for writing programs in PHP. You can use this tool on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Codelite can integrate with Cscope integration, a text-based interface to search a code. It provides functionalities like sorting, highlighting & changing the syntax, etc, with the help of a command palate.


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When it comes to the best IDEs for web development, you have a wide range of platforms to choose from. This article highlights several IDE and code editors that are and will remain popular in 2020.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the features you and your team will need to succeed in building your software or app.

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