8 Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

In a world that is more dependent on digital, the role of IT is becoming more crucial than ever. To meet the growing demands, businesses are accelerating their digital transformation.

Companies are under growing pressure to stay competitive and create connected experiences. IT projects are predicted to increase by 40% and 82% of businesses.

Various businesses are changing their approach towards building a digital presence to stay connected and ahead in the competition.

Many businesses have already started their digital transformation process, while others are into the designing stage.

It has been proved a tremendous success for organizations with the enhanced customer experience and higher ROI. Since 2019, there has been a revival of digital transformation across industries and this new wave has produced new trends that will shape the future.

Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

Let’s look at 8 new trends that will influence 2021.

top digital transformation trends


1) Digital Currency and eLearning 

The present time of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the preference for adopting digital modes of payment and avoiding cash transactions.

In 2020 there have been more than 2000 different cryptocurrencies that are available, out of which many of those tokens and coins enjoy tremendous popularity.

Also, eLearning has experienced a great transformation, many people are currently learning digitally.

These eLearning solutions will remain the primary choice of organizations to train their employees as they allow greater flexibility.


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2) Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the combination of virtual features and real-time elements that merge into physical and virtual reality at once.

The AR market is in its early development stage but is growing quickly — especially in the last two years. It is one of the most influential technology trends today and will become bigger in the coming years with readily available AR-ready smartphones and other additional devices.

AR can significantly improve education on complex topics and increase customer engagement.


3) Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel is the empowering of your customers to reach your brand from any device, any time. It is a seamless experience that integrates online as well as offline.

Retail is changing, and it’s growing faster, your customers have already adopted the omnichannel world without even realizing it. If you’re not offering what customers expect, they get frustrated and go elsewhere.

Today 80% of major retailers in the US and Europe have an omnichannel marketing strategy. Not adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy may lead to a risk of losing customers in the future.


4) Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms CDPs give a unique and unified view into your customers’ minds and requirements.

Customer Data Platform is a kind of packaged software that creates a unified customer database by collecting data from all available sources, then organizes it and makes it usable for anyone who requires access to it.

CDP is growing faster than any other marketing technology and promises to provide the key to comprehensive data-driven marketing.


5) Progress in AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) are at the top of the list when it comes to digital transformation trends. In the coming 2021, these technologies are certainly assumed to live up to their full potential.

These technologies are transforming how businesses work, many organizations are exploring various advanced tools and methods to gradually understand how new areas could be affected by the use of new technologies.

Businesses will be able to achieve new knowledge which will encourage them to adapt to the emerging needs of the consumers.


6) Blockchain

Blockchain is a chain of digital blocks that include information, it is especially useful in fighting corruption as it t facilitates transparency. Once the data has been added to the blockchain, it is very difficult to change.

It holds all the information – about the sender, the receiver, and the amount of currency. Blockchain is a new means of transferring funds or logging information.

A blockchain network can track orders, accounts, payments, production, and many more.


7) Digital Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity mainly involves processes, practices, and technologies, designed to protect networks, programs, devices, and data from intrusion, attack, damage, or any unauthorized access.

It is also referred to as information technology security and is essential because the government, corporate, financial, and medical systems collect, process, and save unprecedented volumes of data on computers and other additional devices.

Organizations need to enhance their cybersecurity strategies keeping in mind the attacks all around the world


8) 5G

The introduction of 5G networks will empower organizations with more opportunities, driving events, and intelligent connectivity.

5G wireless technology is expected to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, more reliability, large network capacity, and increased availability, with a more consistent user experience.

It will have a great influence on the progress of Cloud Gaming, Edge Computing, Autonomous Driving, and the list goes on.


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So, this new wave of digital technology trends will surely reduce human interactions, improve productivity, initiate automation, and simplify the lives and experiences of people.

Businesses need to understand the significance of these technologies and leverage them to build digital ecosystems and become future-ready to welcome the next generation with open hands.

Hence, it is no wonder that these eight trends will continue to dominate the digital transformation. Have a bright future.

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