Top 7 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends That Will Rule 2021

UX/UI design trends have observed a huge change consistently with the rise of virtual and remote working cultures. Every digitally-based business needs to concentrate on these growing patterns and update its business apps to survive in this competitive industry.

The User Interface or UI is the most significant part of an app. Your app should always look good and should be easy to explore, it does not matter how many features you have added to achieve that.

The UI design of your app is the foremost thing that influences the users, makes them relate to your brand, makes users’ journey smooth in the app, and also improves the ROI of your mobile application.

Getting a client-centric UI design for your business app is a simple way to accomplish business success digitally.

The design-first approach would be the primary priority during this year and beyond. The design of digital products in 2021 will concentrate more on enhancing people’s lives and reaching business goals.

Users visit different websites every day, and businesses need to provide extra imagination to get their attention. Businesses today need to focus on the visual attractiveness and comfort of their web solutions to hold users there for a longer time.

They need to understand and implement the most advanced UI trends. And as a UX/UI designer, it is necessary to stay updated regarding these evolving trends. These trends are changed based on the varying tastes of the users.

Therefore, like business entrepreneurs, you need to cling to the newest UI UX Design trends, to stand apart from your competitors.

Keeping in mind the changing landscape of UI/UX, here in this blog, we will be discussing the best mobile app UI/UX design trends that will make your business succeed in 2021.

Mobile UI/UX Design Trends for 2021

Defined below is a list of the best mobile UI/UX trends that will rule 2021, decrease the bounce rate, and increase conversion rate:

Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends infographic

1) Simplicity and Minimalism – Design with Rounded Curves

Gone is the time of complicated UI design styles to influence users. Now simple, clear, and readily understandable designs with a clean interface, animation, graphics, and buttons, is the new relevant for mobile displays.

This helps to bring the user’s attention to those components on the screen that are relevant to them. It makes the content simple to understand and supports the app to perform its role much efficiently.

Getting your mobile sites and app designed with curved corners would surely influence UX, as rounded corners are mirrored in its UI design and look smoother to the eyes of users.

2) Enhanced Personalization

In the year 2021, a personalized mobile app will probably gain more momentum and will turn out to be the top trend of Mobile UX design.

A tailor-made UX is growing crucial in the mobile development process. And for this, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the best technologies to invest in, as these technologies make seamless customization.

You can consider the use of streaming services like SoundCloud or YouTube, where AI evaluates user preferences for providing song recommendations.

Furthermore, there are more fitness and other apps that also give enhanced personalization to all users.

3) Choose Darker Themes

The dark mode is getting popular and seems to be another hit in 2021. It provides users with a more calming experience while interacting with apps.

Not only it looks good but also provides a more calming experience to users, making them more relaxed while using apps. Recently released operating systems by Android and Apple have allowed dark modes now, and this low-light UI is also a great battery saver.

Famous brands like Facebook, Instagram, have started offering dark themes to users.

And it has now been preferred at an accelerating pace because of its remarkable features such as modern look, highlighting design elements, battery saving, and reducing eye strain.


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4) Convenient Voice Interactions

Voice-powered apps provide adequate convenience to users when it comes to tailored user experience and quick query results. These voice-based apps are continuously supporting our lives as they give very specific and to-the-point question results.

Alexa is the virtual assistant of Amazon, Siri is the voice-controlled personal assistance of Apple, Bixby, the smart assistant of Samsung, and the one we cannot forget, the Google Assistant, is the AI-enabled virtual voice assistant of Google.

All these UX design trends of 2021 have one ultimate purpose i.e. to resolve the complex problems of users.

5) Integration of AR/VR

Designers today with the use of AR and VR are building app designs that make the users feel like they are inside the app experiencing real-time features.

Using this technology of augmented reality and virtual reality developers can integrate the fictional digital elements into the real-world picture by giving users a brand-new appearance at their everyday management.

Nowadays, the use of VR and AR is not just confined to entertainment. Travel, media, eCommerce, real estate, science, and education are some of the areas where AR and VR technology are being applied massively.

6) Password-less Login

Modern trends in UI/UX design further include password-less authentication. Since various apps are used every day, it becomes difficult for users to remember all passwords. The password-less login system will grow more popular in 2021.

There are some examples of password-less login already employed in mobile applications, such as fingerprint and face recognition, and OTPs (One-time Temporary Passwords).

It is an excellent opportunity for all users that forget their passwords. This also enhances the user experience since you do not have to memorize any passwords.

7) More Solid Illustrations and Animations

Utilizing illustrations animations, especially unique ones are always on top of user interface trends similarly like they did last year. This helps developers to make web pages less overloaded and more understandable for users.

Nowadays designers learn and experiment with new different proportions, angles, and storylines, and also use muted pastel colors.

These illustrations are becoming more extensive and cause an even bigger excitement than before. Users also like them as they make the content readable and good-looking while making their pages stand out.


The world around us is continually advancing and changing. The same works with mobile design trends. Providing the users, the most pleasing interfaces helps them get more satisfying experiences.

Millions of business websites grow every day and customers are in a hurry to choose the most suitable one from them that provides solutions to their different requirements.

With all-new trends mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind that the designer’s purpose must remain the same i.e. adopting new technologies and approaches for making users’ lives better.

These seven UI UX trends 2021 are certain to provide the most reliable user interface and most prominent app designs ever. They can make your web platform visually appealing and up to date. That is the true power of UI UX designing.

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