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Top 8 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021

Web development is one of the most versatile, unpredictable, and dynamically developing industries, so the ability to grasp the latest web development trends and follow them appears to be very essential.


So, to always stay updated and not lag behind it is extremely important to keep an eye on the latest techniques and updates. 


Every year web development trends evolve, formulating innovative directions for web developers and business proprietors. Technology is advancing rapidly; hence, businesses are observed to be competing with one another for ranking at the top and best place on the search engine.


This is the reason why web developers should understand and explore more innovative ways of web development because it helps businesses to improve globally and exponentially.


The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and progressive web applications isn’t new for big companies like Google, Forbes, or, Amazon.


To maintain an equal level with such titans, businesses need to analyze trends across industries and not overlook the changes that technology brings to web development.


The total number of websites has crossed billions on the internet today. Each website has its strategy and concept, whether it is associated with design, content, development, or digital marketing.


But, how many of these websites are following the latest web development trends? The answer is ‘very few.


Websites are not small codes; they are the front face of every business. Moreover, we have powerful platforms and technologies that are helping us grow websites without coding.


But, brand-new trends in the market continuously affect the web development process.


Technology improvements have shown great development in the past few years. Around one-third of the website visitors, today choose to stick to a website whose layout and content are attractive, new and, unique.


If you wish to see the conversions increasing, implement these web development trends in 2021.


In this article, we will discover the web development trends and for the year 2021. 


So, What Are The Best Web Development Trends of 2021?

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1) Artificial Intelligence


AI allows a high level of personalization, providing the customers only the information that is relevant for them and in which they are interested.


It uses consumers’ prior purchases, records of searches, top category pages, number of visitors on the website, and more.


With each visit, AI platforms get more and more data about specific customers that allows this technology to make more relevant and accurate recommendations.


The technology also helps reshape web development by enabling chatbots and other voice-based interactions. Chatbots are helpful and can instantly engage users once they land on the web page.


They provide users with quick responses, which helps businesses to overcome delays and reduce customer drop-off rates. 


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2) Progressive Web App Development


PWAs act like native mobile applications however they are websites. They have around 36% greater conversion rates than those native apps.


The main purpose of PWAs is to produce a mobile-app-like experience for users across all devices. They are more interactive and responsive.


PWAs are transforming the user experience through app-like functionality without downloading them. Some of the most influential names in the business, like Twitter, Amazon, etc. combine native and web applications to improve conversions and reduce bounce rates. 


PWAs are one of the most impactful trends in web development that make the website browsing experience friendlier to users and closer to native mobile applications.


PWAs empower websites to load quickly and still work offline. Pinterest’s website is an example of a PWA. 


3) Motion UI Design 


When analyzing modern web development trends, motion UI is considerably popular. Motion Design UI refers to the use of visual cues, minimalist and smooth animation in web design.


The advantage of motion design UI for developers is that they don’t need to use jQuery or JavaScript. 


Whenever users visit a website, they don’t want to doubt where to go. Motion UI design helps build an instinctive interface that guides users, showing them where to focus on the page and what to do.


With the help of Motion UI, web applications respond to users thereby creating a more enjoyable and fluent user experience. This is due to the smooth animations on a website that presents a stylish feel and appearance.


Charts, pop-ups, page header transitions, and more are some of the places where you can see motion design UI on websites.  

4) Single-Page Websites 


Single-page websites considerably reduce the page load time and make it much faster, which eventually decreases the bounce rate. Gone is the time of building extensive and long web structures.


Like most people, today use the internet through mobile devices, so single-page websites are much more comfortable to navigate. The traditional ways of creating separate pages for various topics have now become old-fashioned. 


These single-page websites work well on both desktop and mobile because of their simplicity.


These websites help businesses to reach their particular target audience with limited content and minimalist designs, which are more appealing and easier to understand.


It’s suitable for both app users and developers as they provide high loading speed and ease of use, even if the user has difficulties with an internet connection. 


5) Cloud Computing


Cloud computing limits data overloading and data loss, as it can replace regular servers. This approach strengthens the entire web architecture thereby reducing the development costs.


So, this trend will probably change the way of web development in the following years. Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, etc., are some of the popular examples to consider.


As per the current global situation, several businesses depend on remote solutions; so, these web development trends help create seamless tools.


The main benefit of cloud computing to web app development is that while using cloud computing users will not have to bother about the storage space.


Cloud computing is very fast with its sharing process, as cloud here relates to ‘Internet’, hence it is very fast and secure. 


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6) Voice Search 


Voice search is another trend that cannot be overlooked. This now has a huge impact on the web and is still to increase in the future.


Around 30% of the research done today is through voice and not to specify that the number of smart speakers is growing year over year. 


The convenience of voice search functionality will considerably affect how developers manage things.


Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc., are utilizing this technology to reach new heights of innovation, and voice eCommerce is expected to rule the market soon.


However, not every website is optimized as per the voice search, which implies that those websites won’t appear in the search results which is not a good thing for business.


Therefore, developers need to ensure that the website should be fully optimized to support voice search functionality. 


7) Interactive and Responsive Websites


Today people prefer visiting websites that have responsive and highly interactive web elements. These components add a human touch and work as the core of the website.


These interactive elements are challenging to implement and are costly, but they can grab the user’s attention which is why they are worth using.


You can consider the example of Webflow, a website with excellent interactive elements. This website not only displays parallax effects for engaging the visitor but also presents appealing elements that make the content look more attractive. 


As businesses are moving to mobile phones for assistance in nearly every task, this means that the website’s ranking will be depending on how well your website is optimized for mobiles. 


8) Website Security 


Studies show that hackers breach around 45,000 websites every day. This situation is worrisome as several companies use digital platforms to manage their businesses.


On the other hand, websites also contain a lot of sensitive customer information. Keeping this in mind, strict website security protocols should be put in place for agreement. 


Hackers flood a targeted server with plenty of malicious internet traffic. The result can be a loss of revenue and hours of downtime.


So, the use of HTTPS protocol should be a priority for all website owners and developers. These protocols are a basic security standard for all websites as they ensure secure communication without any threat from third parties.


The websites that are not guarded by HTTPS are listed by google as risky and unsafe.   


Wrapping Up


Since the businesses are changing and growing, following all the web development trends appears to be a challenging task. In extension to the above list, we can further consider Web Assembly, Blockchain Technology, and more.


All of them are important and their implementation depends on the business requirements that you have. 


If you are planning the update of your web product in 2021, it’s an excellent thought to go through these modern trends in web development and think of which one can be useful for you before contacting any web development company.


We hope that this article helps you find the best web development trends that suit your needs and your web application development services.