How to Accelerate Your Custom Software Development Project

Today technology plays a very crucial role in our society, software development engineers are more in demand than ever. Recent research shows that the employment of software developers is expected to grow around 25% from 2015-2023.

Software Development is considered an art, a science, and it is hard to set deadlines and time constraints. Although deadlines are necessary and they can become difficult to meet while sustaining the quality of your work.

Somewhere within all these overlapping aspects lies the possibility of improving your development process and making it more efficient, if executed honestly, effectively, simply, and securely.

You just have to make decisions that promote streamlining the project over developing the ideal software.

Custom software development is the process of creating a software application that suits your business.

Such software is produced for a particular group of users or an organization to ensure that all their preferences and requirements are addressed.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and content management systems (CMS) are some of the most commonly used custom software.

Here are the Key Tips to Accelerate Your Custom Software Development Project:

custom software development project infographic

If you’re fighting with time constraints, these are some ways to speed up your software development project without negotiating its integrity.

1) Enhanced Skills with Continued Education

A more skilled and experienced developer can perform a task faster and more accurately.

These experienced developers further manage to resolve any problem without generating new ones while keeping their solutions straightforward and concise.

Whether you’re hiring a budget-friendly developer or a high-level developer, a spirit of learning should be the bottom line.

Peer programming, online courses, conferences, and structured conversations within your company will encourage an environment of productivity and excellence.

So, you should always encourage your team members to continue learning and hone their skills with planned development team meetings and project retrospectives.


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2) Have Clear Development Standards

Nearly every development team in a website development company has some common standards.

These formal standards are obtained after consultation from the experts, whereas some informal standards are simply the result of deadlines, unethical behavior, and slow development methodology.

These standards need to be documented, enforced to all, and accepted by all within the team.

The absence of documentation decreases accountability and makes it difficult to track progress. Without proper standards, it becomes too frustrating and difficult to manage work.

3) Reduce Project Complexity

As we all know the software development is a complicated process; yet, several things can considerably complicate the process more which ultimately leads to unnecessary setbacks and delays.

Any inferior product in your software development process could lead to complications and difficulties down the road. So, you need to always watch for technical debt and should have a plan to correct or eliminate it.

It is also necessary to have protocols in place otherwise “coders” structure code in their way, making it nearly impossible to fix or integrate any of their work.

4) Set Solution Accelerators 

Beginning a project from scratch is slow, you can supplement a major part of your task with a solution accelerator that moves your starting line ahead.

Solution Accelerators are application components that act as building blocks to automate an aspect of a particular business process or development, in which 30% to 70% of the code can be reused.

You can accomplish a variety of tasks by using these solution accelerators in the form of frameworks, tools, products, methodologies, and processes.

Some of the common solution accelerators are user interface controls, layout components, web service frameworks, user management, and other authentication frameworks.

Apart from having pre-developed software to conserve time, it further reduces any possible costly mistakes.

5) Communicate Early and Frequently

Having an open channel of communication is necessary for the satisfaction of your project. This is especially true when the groundwork is laid i.e. at the beginning of a project.

This helps you like, if something needs to be reworked, it’s an easy fix rather than redesigning the entire project down the line.

Hours or days of work can be bypassed by communicating frequently through different communication tools, which help teams to communicate more efficiently than other conventional methods like phone calls, meetings, and emails.

6) Limit your Work in Progress

A clear and simple workflow always helps you in speeding up the progress of your software development process. When it comes to workflow our simple advice is to manage and limit the work in progress for every step.

The reason for this is that, whenever multitasking goes up, productivity comes down due to the different fussy situations.

So, it is always suitable to break down this software development process into multiple stages of work.

Limiting the work to multiple stages will help reduce the volume of work and additionally help in recognizing the halts in the pipeline.


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Today several custom software development companies are investing in rapid methodology and adapting the agile processes for the bug-free product.

The time required for the completion of any project is dependent on the software development team and various other factors at the time of development.

To obtain results faster, you can choose some of the best software development approaches defined above that suits your project best, setting milestones to manage the project team performance.

These techniques help accelerate your custom software development project.