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Google Verified Calls New Features – Protect From Scammers



Google has introduced a new feature for Android phones that helps authorized businesses to reach customers via phone by having their brand name and purpose for calling properly identified. 


This feature is known as “Verified Calls,” which will reveal the caller’s name, logo, and a reason that what for they’re calling along with a verification symbol that indicates that the call has been verified by Google.


Google’s new system provides businesses a way to share their information with consumers, along with a goal for calling on the incoming call screen.


Verified calls show a blue shield icon that highlights a checkmark. The call reason field includes messages like authenticate transaction activity, flight time changes, etc.


Google declared that it does not collect or store any personally identifiable information after verification.


This Google Verified Calls app can substantially enhance answer rates, like Verified SMS that was started last year. Verified Calls in the Google Phone app will initially roll out to the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India.


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Google Phone app will be accessible on non-Pixel Android devices and will come preloaded on many Android phones. According to Google, it will be ready for download starting later this week on even more Android devices, users can also download it manually from the Play Store.


google verified calls

How does it work?


Verified calls are the most accurate way of knowing that your app is generating calls. When a customer calls directly from this app the calls will connect to your business and the phone will ring as normal.


The diff is that the verified calls go through a google number instead of a business number. as a result of this, you will the extra details from this call like the duration, exact time, and the area or location of the caller.


The main difference between normal calls and verified calls is that whenever you get a normal call from any bank or business you are not able to recognize whether this number belongs to this company or bank.


But now with this new google verified you will be able to recognize that a number belongs to that bank or business, you will get a message on top of your calling screen that this number has been verified – “Verified Call from XYZ”.


You will also be able to find the logo of the company or bank that is calling you along with the mentioned reason. You will also get the option to block all the spam calls.


With the use of this Google Verified Calls app, you will be able to differentiate which calls are coming from your apps and which are your other normal calls.


You will also get a notification of a call that you have missed. Earlier this app was available for only pixels phones but now Google has made this official for every phone.


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So, this app by Google would be very beneficial for people in all aspects like for their work, industry, or normal use. It will save you from all kinds of fraud calls and will verify every call for your convenience.


Currently, you can use the Beta version of this app but soon you will be able to use the Public version of the same. Start tracking your calls now and get an unmatched calling experience.

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