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Top 7 Best Website Design Trends of 2021

Willing to create a web presence is a huge decision, however, the best websites are always the result of many small decisions. But one important decision that needs time, attention, and a huge deal of inspiration is the design of your website.

The latest website design trends help in picking the best content management system, web host, improving your content, and choosing the most suitable layouts to advertise your products and services are simply a few of the details that can set your business’s online identity.

Website design has always been the deciding factor whether a user visiting your site converts to the brand or not. Several different factors work towards a good website design, but some of the most powerful are user experience, visual presentation, and security.

Website design trends are no different than the technology, as the technology changes and grows so are the website designs. Design components and website features that were once fresh and innovative become tired, cliched, and exaggerated in recent years.

As we move ahead in the year 2021, we might need to look at how web development has progressed.

Just like the style and other visual arts, the web is also changing – and with these changes come the latest trends. 2021’s web designers are exploring new heights of reality.

They are combining the digital and the ordinary like never before, and it reveals simply how much a portion of everyday life websites have become these days. Around 75% of people claim to assess a website’s credibility based on its visual appearance.

If a website has an excellent appearance, intuitive navigation, and smooth visual flow, people are going to feel much more comfortable following or buying from it.

7 Best Website Design Trends of 2021

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If you are looking to keep your website fresh and up to date? Not to worry, in this blog, we will be sharing some of the best website designs. Practicing these trends and running with them may make your website one of the best websites of 2021:

1) Comfortable Colors

Using colors that can mindfully evoke certain moods can be significant in 2021. Color psychology which is the study of color’s impact on human behavior has been around for ages, and marketers utilize it to sell better.

Colors have a lot to do with our thoughts, some common feelings are connected with colors. For instance, green denotes nature and natural products while red signifies passion and energy.

Web designers in 2021 are moving outside the two limits of light and dark. They are trying to find a middle ground in light color palettes, such as wholesome greens, pastel blues, or light pinks.

These not only make website colors less harsh than simple black or bright white, but they are also soothing and relaxing.

2) Parallax Scroll Animation

Parallax scroll effects have continued to be in trend in website design for years, and in 2021 you can expect to see more detailed and creative explorations of what can be achieved with parallax.

Parallax is a kind of optical illusion that occurs whenever any object near to the viewer seems to move faster than the scattered objects that are far away. Although we recognize this in daily life—when observing passing scenery while driving.

The depth generated by using the background and foreground also has the added advantage of immersion, converting the computer screen into something more familiar to a theatre stage.

Remember that substantial movement in parallax effects can be overwhelming to people with vestibular dysfunction because the vision of depth and movement can produce dizziness and disorientation too.


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3) Scrolling Transformations

Scrolling is considered one of the most precise forms of interaction, and 2021’s web designers are evolving the visual feedback that users receive while scrolling.

This can vary from full-color scheme adjustments to complicated animated transformations to large-scale variations in the layout.

Interaction is a kind of participation, and when users are involved in circumstances that are happening, they are more likely to be engaged and connected. Nowadays, you can see that more web designers proceed to experiment with horizontal scrolling.

Those who do it completely separate the pattern not for the purpose of being distinct but as a useful way to reveal secondary information progressively. Web designers are practicing to make every scroll appear like a new page.

4) Website Load Time and Page Speed are very Important

Website Load Time and Page Speed are the most significant web design standards that should be always kept in mind to get better results.

The time needed for the information on any webpage to be completely displayed on a website is known as the page load time or page speed, which is a measure of how quickly your page gets loaded.

These two are the essential factors in SEO for years, and it remains to be a top priority for websites that desire to rank well and convert.

Research states that more than half of internet browsers assume a website to load fast and take not more than two seconds after clicking a link.

Visitors most likely will leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load, and never return. So, to ensure a good user experience you need to optimize your website for speed and load time.

5) Captivating Questionnaires

Web questionnaires or surveys should be that simple and delightful that they must be fun to fill out. But you will notice that more than often, you will get surveys that are cumbersome and clunky.

You can create a captivating web questionnaire with the appropriate thought process.

It’s a combination of question planning with visual elements and ideas to make the process seamless and user-friendly.

Now when the customer is between the onboarding process, the window of time during which a user hits a landing page is fairly the most crucial time of a user’s journey.

They stand in between planning and unconcern state, and the quality of their experience here will send them to set firmly to one side.

6) Storytelling and Interactive Web Design Examples with Embedded Videos

Throughout history, stories have been the most consistent way to pass information among people. With the help of storytelling, you can share knowledge, express emotions, and entertain and inspire others.

While traditional website design commonly utilizes card-style layouts to organize the data in small units, sequential layouts can likewise be applied to websites.

Utilizing a video on your website is one of the best web design trends in 2021. Planning with video is much harder in the past than it is now.

Making good quality videos often involves complex and costly tools and software. And if you need animated series on your website, you had to either be pretty good at expressing digitally or pick someone else to do it.

This helps keep users on the website longer and also improves brand awareness.

7) Progressive Lead Nurturing Forms Combined with Your CRM Tool

New design algorithms and practices are making the internet more user-centered. Online lead generation forms are important components of any marketing website.

You can’t ask several questions at any particular time therefore you can place dynamic/progressive contact forms on the landing pages and represent fields as per the lead’s journey.

Progressive lead nurturing forms is a technique that enables marketers to constantly gather more data on leads at strategically measured intervals during the buyer’s journey. It includes demanding a few pieces of data rather than requesting too much at once.

Every interaction means the exchange of something of value for a little more data. Ultimately, a marketer gets a complete picture of their leads and can finally transfer them to sales.


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Updating your website’s design can undoubtedly influence your brand and revenue.

In 2021, you can expect to see clean, clear, user-friendly, and eye-catching websites that use appropriate color with great embedded videos, and less animation to improve the user experience.

Because if your website does not uphold a design that suits the way you want to be noticed, then it will eventually fail to function optimally.

Designing a website can be easy and manageable once you have the look and feel in mind. As an expert web designer, you need to be informed of these best website design trends.

Continually learning, developing, and expanding your website design are the only steps to create a reputation in the design community, and simply achieve what you wish for.