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Top 6 Tips to Create Clickable Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads work as an excellent way to get people clicking at your website and hitting the pages that you want them to view.

Now, you can make people take the actions that you want with your preference of call-to-action buttons like Learn More, Book Now, Sign Up, and more. Link ads run across Facebook, Instagram, etc.

These ads can be employed if you want people to learn about your product, purchase a ticket, or download an e-book.

When speaking about ads that click to Messenger, you should always use successful creative from other campaigns to deliver the value of your business to customers.

Customizing Messenger ad creative does not certainly enhance performance; however, detailed text and visuals may help prime people for a conversation with your business in Messenger.

You can also boost engagement by utilizing graphics that resemble chat bubbles or share the advantages of messaging with your business.

Facebook Messenger Ads provide you the capability to reach consumers instantly. You can choose multiple messaging app destinations, where your conversation will take place, like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. while composing your ad.

This enables you to reach people on the app where a conversation is most likely to happen. The most excellent aspect of these Facebook Ads is the broad range of features that empower you to connect with users in many places and to drive different kinds of profoundly specific actions.

What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger Ads are defined as a new ad feature that enables users who view your ads to begin a text conversation with your business through a single click of a button.

The main purpose of these ads is that they appear within the Messenger app and begin instant-message conversations with individuals.

These ads handle consumers like friends, and this friendly interaction can lead to an above-average conversion rate.

Also, by making initial contact, you have the chance to personalize your consumer service and provide a tailor-made experience for each user.

facebook messenger ads

Tips for Creating Highly Clickable Facebook Messenger Ads

Whether you need to cover your risks towards the future of social media, or you are involved in the dozens of different ways to utilize messaging apps for reaching your audience, you can simply make use of Facebook Messenger Ads.

They help you to communicate, drive sales, improve conversions, and qualify leads. Here are some things you need to understand about these ads, and how you can set them as highly clickable Facebook Messenger Ads:

1) Keep in Mind your Target Audience

You need to be very specific with your audience targeting. Choosing who you would like to communicate with is the very first step towards creating a successful campaign.

A good ad can also fail without the correct audience. Facebook custom audiences allow you to target the right people each time, performing as a fundamental tool for strong and successful Facebook advertising.

Whatever is the goal of your campaign, make it clear to plan your targeting strategy in a way that it reaches the relevant people. You can begin by establishing an audience that will help you accomplish your objective.


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2) Get People to Act and Make It Easy to Reach Your Site

 You should always make it easier for people to approach your site. If the ad you created is completely clickable, then it can be made easy to get to your website, as people will be directed to your web page whether they click the button or the image.

You should pick the button that relates to your purpose to make people take your desired action.

Your call to action is the gateway to improving your conversions on web pages. So, get your buttons or images clicked and improve your conversion rate by using the proper techniques that will lead to growth.

For example, you can utilize the click-to-Messenger ads to offer people a channel to ask any questions or concerns that they have.

3) Acknowledge People When They Arrive in Messenger

You should make a personalized greeting, this helps define how people can interact with your business. You can also use instant replies to acknowledge receipt of a message, stating “thanks”.

You can also personalize your greeting by adding the user’s name and providing the contact information so that the user can reach you on another channel.

You can likewise utilize quick replies to request a person’s location, address, phone number, and email. These instant replies are an excellent way to make it easy for people to get started.

4) Use Successful Creative to Communicate and Grab People’s Attention

Making use of creatives and visuals can help you drive more audience engagement. Visuals gain more attention and engagement than conventional text posts on any social media.

It becomes nearly impossible to overlook a visual while scrolling through a newsfeed, so you must analyze your content, and should try to change or add something like graphics or visuals.

You can also highlight thumb-stopping videos, image carousels, or photos in your link ads. Use graphic overlays to make captivating ad videos or you can also utilize contest announcements and engaging questions into graphics and see how your engagement numbers grow.

5) Use Appropriate Objective and Placement

Messages objective means that you ensure the delivery of ads to people that most probably respond to your business. Whenever you make a Facebook Messenger ad, there is a setting that requests your Facebook ad placements.

It can be set to automatic by default but doing this can lead to undesirable or inappropriate deployments of your ad.

You set your placement depending on your campaign objective, your ads can appear on Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger.

You have good reason to need to control your Facebook ad placements since consumers today are smart to easily judge a brand’s ethics.

6) Test and Optimize

Facebook Messenger Ads have a unique user flow and to know how the results are traced, it is initially essential to visualize the user experience.

To get the best combination for your business, you should analyze and try distinct variations of ad creatives and post-click experiences, which can bring better result that suits your requirements.

Most of these ad platforms are great in optimizing your campaigns, depending on the user behavior. Optimization of Facebook Ads if done the right way, can do miracles.

And, it is still worth optimizing your ads as long as you are not unreasonably changing things that are not required.


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Final Thoughts

Both kinds of Facebook Messenger Ads – one is an objective, and the second is a placement, can be exceptionally valuable and effective, especially when practiced and optimized accurately.

They provide you with innovative ways to communicate with your audience, and both of these empower you to stand out among all the other practices approaching this platform.

Following and adding the above-defined tips within your process of Facebook Messenger advertising can help you develop confidence and build a greater level of trust with your target audience while boosting your number of leads with improved lead quality.

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