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Top 9 Sales Conferences Worth Your Time in 2021

Unquestionably, COVID-19 has transformed the conference industry throughout the past year.

Although several conferences were transferred online due to the pandemic, the great news is that this has made serving the world’s best eCommerce conferences more convenient and accessible than ever, with just a click away.

Now say yes to your commitments, big goals, and strong plans. The beginning of the new year 2021 is a big opportunity to get ready for the changes and upgrades that you ever wanted to make in the personal lives of people and for your business.

Conferences are areas where that type of opportunity develops that you couldn’t have ever predicted. For staying updated and to fight in the competitive world of today, you should research conferences and plan your year around them.

Conferences may already be an important part of your business activity if you are involved in a business of online marketing. And there’s no better time than 2021 to start participating in the sales and marketing conference journey!

Several sales conferences occur all over the world, pulling together the most polished in the sales industry and enabling members to collect.

Learn new business information and tips related to how to manage and run your business while presenting valuable networking opportunities.

A great conference can put you in a place to build meaningful relationships, reach new people that can help you close deals, learn from great content or top specialists in a field, and progress towards a new place with endless opportunities.

As we are into 2021 now, but these sales conferences are not over and still taking on a virtual format because COVID-19 still hasn’t gone away.

9 Best Sales Conferences Worth Your Time in 2021

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Sales leaders and trainers spent their time figuring out how to change in-person conferences into engaging and compelling virtual events.

In 2021 you can expect a strong line-up of some of the world’s best sales conferences to go ahead both online and in-person. Without any doubt, this would be helpful to produce more leads, particularly with the modern trends surfacing constantly.

Therefore, with this in mind, here is our list of the top 9 conferences worth planning into your 2021 schedule:

1) B2B Summit North America (May 2021)

Where: Atlanta

Forrester expects to deliver a priceless experience for anyone interested in B2B, how to build audience-centric campaigns; how to utilize technology for sales and marketing teams; adjustment of revenue ops and your team’s organizational structure; and how to fetch data to the lead for pipeline conversion and growth.

You will get opportunities to explore the most advanced research frameworks, take one-on-one meetings with analysts to address particular initiatives, and network with your companions.

You can find motivation and actionable solutions to your biggest challenges. There will be keynotes and workshops, while VIP tickets grant you access to some mastermind sessions on the first day.

Forrester urges sales professionals in the following categories to attend:

  • Sales Operations
  • Senior Sales Leaders
  • Chief Sales Officers
  • Channel Sales
  • Sales Enablement


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2) AA-ISP Virtual Sales Summit (April 2021)

Where: Online

Get to know the latest sales hacks, revenue strategies, and outreach techniques that work.

With virtual selling becoming an increasingly significant portion of the sales process, this event can help both sales leaders and sales reps to explore the technology required to succeed in this innovative sales environment.

Also, you can expect offers from the event sponsors, possibilities to network, and industry-specific knowledge to assist sales professionals to address their most critical challenges.

This AA-ISP Virtual Sales Summit is a free two-day conference providing education, excellent networking opportunities, including 1 to 1 chat, think-tanks, and more.

3) OutBound 2021 (June 2021) 

Where: In-Person in Atlanta, GA

This OutBound conference claims to be the only conference that is focused on prospecting, sales pipeline, and productivity.

It is all regarding helping the sales team grow and earn a competing advantage when it comes to their productivity, prospecting, and pipeline.

OutBound invites sales teams that want to recharge, up-skill, and get a clear-cut competitive advantage.

Regarded as one of the world’s largest research companies, you can expect to go past the surface level and find the set of insights and analyses that will change your sales organization.

4) Sales Success Summit (October 2021)

Where: Austin, TX | Website

The Sales Success Summit is an event created for sales professionals by sales professionals. Here each speaker is a top-producer seller who has earlier emerged at the Sales Success Stories Podcast, and all are top sellers.

This is an opportunity to discover possibilities by getting knowledge and experience. This conference is all regarding creating a unique and unforgettable experience that encourages, motivates, and gives the knowledge to help you take your sales results to the next level.

This year’s summit is however an in-person presentation with no virtual option, and will be at its highest cost if you would purchase in October 2021.

5) Digital Shift (March 2021)

Where: Virtual | Website

Inspired by thousands of teams to conquer the sales enablement at their organizations have gone digital at this Seismic event. This year’s conference is completely virtual and yet free to attend.

Day one ensures that you will be filled with engaging spokesman gatherings loaded with takeaways from industry experts explaining their sales enablement playbooks for attendees to learn from.

Day two will provide attendees insights into Seismic’s global community of consumers, as well as an opportunity to hear from leaders at external organizations including Seismic’s in-house experts.

6) Tenbound (March 2021) 

Where: Virtual | Website

For this virtual event Tenbound Sales Development Conference, the center will be on sharing established sales development approaches, enabling those in leadership positions to obtain more efficient decisions and enhance their processes.


This conference brings together Directors, VPs, and Managers of Sales Development, along with Marketers, SDRs, C-Level Execs, Partners, and VCs for learning and networking with a 100% focus on Sales Development with the best minds in the sales industry.

The conference includes fireside chats, general session presentations, and committee discussions conducted by world-renowned Sales Development professionals.

7) SaaStr Annual 2021 (September 2021) 

Where: SF Bay area| Website

Come together and join thousands of Cloud and SaaS Hybrid Attendees for the seventh SaaStr Annual conference, including hundreds of workshops.

This conference is virtual and ensures two days of value-packed knowledge and learning for attendees. Ensuring workshops and thousands of mentoring sessions, plus evening events as a unique add-on.

Sign up now and get exclusive pricing once they begin allotting tickets for complete access to all sessions, events, mentoring, and more.

8) Sales Enablement Summit San Francisco (September 2021) 

Where: San Francisco | Virtual | Website

Unite together for the largest gathering of Sales Enablement leaders that drive consistent and predictable interactions throughout the customer journey.

This Sales Enablement Festival is a virtual event that pulls together sales enablement professionals from all over the world.

There is something for everyone to take away, right from engaging conversations with peers to opportunities, insightful presentations, to recruit or be recruited for a sales enablement position, and more.

9) Product Marketing Summit (October 2021) 

Where: Boston | Website

The Product Marketing World Summit Series comes to Boston, for those who serve at the intersection of marketing, product, and sales.

This conference gathers the largest group of product marketers from the world’s biggest businesses and most inspiring start-ups throughout the world to share their experiences, product marketing success stories, and difficulties of these positioned at the intersection of sales, product, and marketing.


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Final Thoughts

As we all understand that due to the ongoing pandemic, the year 2021 is still passing as a very tough year, but still there are lots of events in the sales calendar coming up for your sales team to register for in-person and online sales conferences in 2021.

Either way, in-person or virtual, these sales conferences offer a wealth of learning opportunities and resources to their attendees.

With a more economical price rate, you will be perceiving tons of helpful information. By making your sales team attend these events, you can make your team feel more motivated and become more skilled. All the best!