5 Best Video Conferencing Apps in 2022

With the advancements in cloud technology, video conferencing apps have now become affordable and accessible, and can efficiently serve the modern workplace.

Video conferencing apps have facilitated several businesses during this current pandemic to continue to operate by enabling employees to work from home, utilizing conferencing solutions for updates and meetings, as well as common communications.

With some of the best video conferencing apps available today, it makes more sense for organizations to continue to interact face-to-face online rather than involve in the wasteful expense to the business and environment while having face-to-face meetings in any particular location.

Gone are those days, when you were required to run inside the meeting rooms with a board marker to direct your team. Today, with the availability of compelling video conferencing apps software, you have the advantage to host and join meetings from the comfort of your home.

These online meetings provide experiences that are as great or even better than in-person conferences or meetings inside the office space. Therefore, there is nothing that you could be missing here.

Moreover, it does not matter at what location your clients and consumers are located, your teams can efficiently work with them using the different available video conferencing tools.

This also helps businesses to save money on travel expenses and increase productivity. You can make use of these apps in different areas, as the same video conferencing apps and software are available to use for businesses as well as for home users, to stay up to date.

Best Video Conferencing Apps in 2022


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During the present circumstances, video conferencing apps have become an essential part of businesses. A great video conferencing app can provide you with a flawless experience, while an average one can get you through the most challenging times.

Therefore, it is important to pick the best video conferencing software. Let us now look at the five most reliable video conferencing apps:

1) Zoom

Zoom is free video-conferencing software that helps you attend meetings and cooperate with your team providing an experience like if you were face-to-face, because of its incredible video quality, excellent audio quality, and an instant option of screen sharing.

This simple and easy-to-use video conferencing solution is compatible with plenty of devices ranging from desktops, laptops to mobile. Zoom has SSL encryption which further ensures secure video conferencing.

This tool serves as the perfect web meeting software for users that want to connect smoothly with their remote clients and consumers.

2) Google Meet 

Google Meet earlier called Google Hangouts Meet is a free-to-use video conferencing software, developed specifically for business requirements. It is the primary choice of every hardcore Gsuite user, offering seamless and extensive integration with the other apps of Google.

Google Meet also utilizes smart participation with a fast and secure interface, reducing the need to wait.

It is an excellent business-grade video conferencing apps that does not demand large up-front costs for hardware, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Google Meet aims to make it more comfortable to work with external clients.


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3) Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a tool designed for seamless performance and collaboration. It is a powerful choice as a collaboration tool for all organizations that primarily employ Microsoft tools for different purposes.

Microsoft Teams integrate excellently with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products to efficiently collaborate with your whole team.

This software is a catch-all chat tool for the workplace, however, its video conferencing benefit is very compelling. Users can start video conferences right from their chats. It also integrates with Skype for an even smoother experience.

4) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an extremely polished remote meeting software provided by LogMeIn, it has a long list of features that would meet the requirements of most business circumstances. It is a standalone web conferencing service that serves as a great option to meet your team.

It provides audio and video conferencing apps along with the option of screen sharing. You can also use other features like ‘raise a hand’, polling, record calls, use in-app messaging, share custom meeting URLs with your team, and more.

GoToMeeting is a good choice to consider, meetings conducted using this software are secured with end-to-end encryption.

5) Cisco Webex Meetings 

Cisco Webex Meetings is one of the best video conferencing tools available today. Webex Meetings provides both video conferencing and voice calling options.

It is known for its clear and excellent audio, as well as its virtual whiteboard, it can also be used for webinars, online training, and remote support, etc.

Cisco Webex offers seamless integration with Outlook and has the capability to utilize it across different platforms such as Windows, Mac, and iPads. You can host meetings involving 100 attendees with no constraints.

This software highlights third-party accreditations, Transport Layer Security (TLS), encryption, firewall compatibility, and other secure scheduling options.

Key Tips to Choose the Perfect Video Conferencing Software

Today, there are a lot of options to pick from. Here are some important tips to consider as you evaluate your budget and requirements:

  • Several video conferencing plans are less costly if you pay yearly rather than month-to-month.
  • Some plans charge per user. Make it certain that you understand clearly how many are allowed per plan and test if you can add on users as required.
  • If any video conferencing software or tool that you are about to choose does not offer a trial or free plan, request a demo so you can examine it before buying.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed several things forever, making us rely on video conferencing apps for offering a more personal touch while replacing typical phone calls.

Video conferencing apps or software have become essential these days, they have now become a normalized part of the communications process. However, the solution you choose should match your unique requirements, whether that be staying connected to co-workers and customers, or something else.

So, choosing an affordable and accessible tool is necessary, we have tried to make things easier for you, and have defined above the five best video conferencing apps.

Each of these reliable video conferencing apps offers different features that can help you to reach your customers or clients effectively, therefore you should be clear about what is most essential to your requirements, and decide accordingly.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best free video conferencing app?

Google Hangouts
YouTube Live
Lifesize Go
Dialpad Meetings
Facebook Live
Slack Video Calls
TrueConf Online

Which is the best video meeting apps for teams?

Skype for Business
Cisco WebEx
Google Meet

What is the best platform for online meetings?

Google Meet
Cisco Webex
Jitsi Meet

What is the safest online meeting platform?

Zoom is the best web meeting software for users who wish to communicate with customers and clients remotely quickly and easily. For further flexibility, it now supports Chrome and Linux OS, as well as secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to ensure safe connections.

What is a free alternative to zoom?

The most well-known and extensively utilized Zoom alternative is Google Meet. Previously, Meet was only available to paying G-suite clients, but the business just established a free tier that will last through the end of 2021.