7 Ways How Mobile App Can Increase Customer Loyalty

The modern world that we live in today has an abundance of choices. Customers nowadays have no patience for simple and traditional sales tactics and one-way advertising.


Customers are offered huge discounts and competitive prices, urging them to divert to other brands that give comparable or even better features in some cases. They are no longer confined to making particular decisions about something that they need to buy.


They search for services in the form of helpful, free content, secure and instant purchases, having meaningful interactions with different brands through social media.


It has become an extremely big challenge for businesses to retain their existing consumer base while discovering ways to improve and grow it.


So now it has become essential for businesses to take advantage of every single opportunity that they have to develop relationships with their online audience and consumers.


Mobile app development appears to be one the most efficient ways for this and it also helps increase customer loyalty.


With the race of smartphone usage among customers, it simply makes sense to provide a way for the online audience to connect with you. Mobile app development is developing as one of the most solid ways to provide consumers an experience they need to revisit repeatedly.


This is because mobile devices are constantly connected to customers, quickly accessible at any time, which means brands are only one tap away. 


The connections that mobile apps make online, and the links formed because of them, are usually what leads them to make buying decisions.


This agreement with a business is what builds true customer loyalty ─ it is like an affectionate relationship with a brand that transforms a one-time consumer into a repeat customer, and even further, into a brand representative that brings in more business.


This further opens up several excellent opportunities for businesses to retain their customers and gain customer loyalty by providing them with an outstanding app that can also improve their shopping experience.



How Mobile Apps Can Increase Customer Loyalty


Mobile apps help engage your customers easily while keeping your employees connected. A well-designed mobile app can serve as a powerful tool in satisfying, retaining, and making your consumers loyal, if it meets certain guidelines. 

7 Ways How Mobile App Can Increase Customer Loyalty infographic

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1) Making It More Personal


Mobile apps enable businesses to gather extremely valuable information regarding their users, to give them the most satisfying experience possible. Any customer will feel more connected to your brand when a more personalized experience is provided.


Whether keeping track of the buying habits of the customers and personalizing their experience based on those or sending targeted specials based on a customer’s location, the connection between your customers and your brand will get more deepened with every interaction.



2) Incorporate Valuable Features Along With Easily Accessible Mobile Rewards


During the process of mobile app development, you need to incorporate features that can engage strongly your target audience, whether that involves making a task more convenient for customers or providing significant discounts and offers.


You will be able to encourage frequent communication by adding value to your app which will, in turn, drive consumer loyalty.


Your mobile apps must assure that the incentive program is more suitable for the user, easier to implement, and finally the quickest way to reach your business goals.


Utilizing mobile rewards account is much faster than conventional plastic rewards cards or manually distributing an email address at each point of purchase.



3) Provide Outstanding Customer Service


When you develop a mobile app, it should be more than simply a conventional e-commerce. It needs to provide something more for the customer.


Your app should be created to work without glitches; but, in case if some problem occurs, or if a consumer just requires any help while using it, your consumer service that is backing up your app should be perfect and accurate.


This is because when problems of customers are solved kindly and instantly, they direct to grow into the most faithful supporters of the company.


Customers today demand quick, reliable, personalized experiences from the brands they associate with, and the most reliable way to deliver that experience is with the help of excellent working mobile apps.



4) Connect With Busy Customers


Ordering and purchasing online has now become much more comfortable than going to a shop, still, some consumers don’t have time to relax in front of a computer and visit your site.


Also, it becomes challenging to carry a laptop every time or stay in front of the desktop. But, people always take their smartphones along with them.


This means that having an application can help people buy from you even when they are out for a break at work, or in the gym, watching TV, etc.


Mobile applications can work as an excellent method to connect with consumers, stand out from the competition and establish your brand.


As today everyone has a mobile device in their pocket, so you should take advantage of that and utilize a mobile application to work as an assistant inside consumers’ minds.



5) More Loyalty Programs for Consumers


Design a mobile application for your loyalty program, and reward the consumers for downloading your app by providing special offers, exclusive discounts, etc.


To make the application even more powerful, invite customers to discover which rewards they choose.


This will not only provide relevant information to enhance your offers and business as well, but also your consumers will feel more acknowledged and valued.


You can also add incentives such as exclusive birthday coupons, or deliver a punched card for checking in on social media. This kind of engagement builds loyalty and revenue as well.



6) Offering Perks and Push Notifications


With the help of mobile apps, you can provide promotions perks directly to the users. Customers today like to feel that they are getting something extra and special.


Whether you provide in-app access to current deals and campaigns or give offers through push notifications, users get the advantage of easy-to-find, convenient, and relevant deals, and you get the advantage of improved consumer loyalty. It becomes a win-win situation for both – customers and retailers.


Utilizing the potential of SMS, retailers can provide their customers with relevant and immediately accessible content.


Also, with the help of push notifications, retailers can interact with customers and re-engage them in an extremely personalized way with real-time notifications about shipped items or restocked items.



7) Collaborative Shopping


Customers today see niche solutions because they don’t have time to browse a drop-down listing of any inappropriate items.


Mobile apps help in providing a personalized experience, you can create powerful brand loyalty by resonating your brand with the emotions and personal experiences of the consumers.


Here what makes some retailers successful is the capability to provide unique value propositions like a baby shower registry, wedding registry, social polling, and more.


So, providing a delightful experience for meaningful moments in life can make more loyal customers.


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In today’s ever-expanding markets, customers have a lot of options to pick from when determining their loyalty toward different brands. However, when consumer feedback isn’t taken seriously, they tend to move on to discover a company that prioritizes it.


Sales and customer loyalty of any business can grow if it is capable of retaining its existing customer base.


Customer loyalty mainly depends on three essential factors: engagement, gamification, and after-sales assistance. We have discussed above the practical ways to enhance customer loyalty with the help of mobile apps.


Apart from the general discount coupons and loyalty programs, you should also think out-of-the-box and empower mobile app features that can take personalization to a new different level.


Start today, think, and plan something new and different. All the best!