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Introducing a Better Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Today, Instagram has largely influenced the entire social media world. It has evolved from a system of the network gathering close friends that share photos to a global society of customers and also brands participating in different moments and describing stories and more.

It will increase engagement on Instagram and presently has more than 300 million users that participate and share more than 65 million photos and videos every day.

People like this app for various reasons, and can discover several products, places, and blogs from here, it is a visual development app.

You can also utilize Instagram for any of your businesses if you can understand the fact that it is more than just a platform for keeping all your best product pictures.

It can serve as a great tool for promoting your brand and expanding an audience online, it is a platform with a great potential for ROI.

However, to get the rewards from it, you not only just require a good Instagram target audience, but you also need engagement.

You need to get shares, likes, comments, and other actions that show that your content is resonating with the audience that sees it.

Every time when an Instagram comment remains unanswered or ignored, an opportunity to build a lifetime customer is missed.

So, the major challenge here is to remain at top of these interactions. Nobody today has enough time to stay active on Instagram 24/7, and notifications from Instagram instantly disappear which makes some relevant comments slip through these breaks.

So, get more engagement on the Instagram rate which is crucial which can help to improve and grow your account, and without any surprise, this is what the primary objective of several social media marketers and Instagrammers is.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Before moving further towards the actual strategies that can improve your business, let us first understand Instagram engagement.

On Instagram or any digital marketing platform, engagement rates are considered as a measure of your followers’ loyalty and commitment towards you.

Always remember that it’s not regarding the number of your audience, but what matters more is their degree of association and involvement with your branding.

What values more is their measure of interaction and interest with your videos, photos, and stories that will help you bring in the desired success.


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What is Instagram Audience Insights?

Instagram Insights is a primary analytics tool that gives information on follower actions and demographics including your content.

This data makes it simple to differentiate content, measure campaigns, and understand how individual posts are doing.

You require a business account to access Instagram Insights. You can also change a personal account to a business account, then you will be able to view Insights for every content that’s posted.

But, if you switch back from your business account to the personal one, then you will lose your Insights data.

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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Defined below are some solutions that are truly focused on empowering you to create better relationships with your audience and become a more powerful brand on Instagram.

1) Understand your Audience and Track your Best Time to Post

It becomes hard and challenging to create excellent content if you have no idea who you are making it for.

Knowing your target audience can help define the kind of content you post, your brand voice, and even times and days for publishing.

Other than this you must also be aware of the best time to post? The best time to post on Instagram can be the time when it results in the greatest engagement for your account.

You can also find this with a combination of Instagram Insights, testing distinct posting times, and building a highly organized spreadsheet to observe your data.

Otherwise, you can also use different social media analytics tools which can make all the calculations for you.

2) Write Strong and Longer Captions

Instagram captions can go up to 2,200 characters in length, and up to 30 hashtags.

So, it is always better to use them, as good captions showcase your brand’s personality and also add context to your brand.

For example – consider a brand “Adidas”, Adidas tells a compelling story with its caption and proposes its followers to share their individual stories in the comments section.

Therefore, one of the simplest ways of increasing your Instagram engagement is simply writing stronger and longer captions.

After doing so, you will understand that how much caption length affected engagement.

3) Post Consistently and Create Saveable Content

Brands need to stay active to bring followers and increase engagement on Instagram rates. And as per some researches, the winning spot can be a consistent 1 to 2 posts a day.

This makes your feed relevant and fresh, and you have more possibilities to attract viewers to your content.

There comes another term in Instagram, which is known as “saveable content”. This is something that your audience wants to revisit at a later time.

Instagram shares, comments, and saves have now become more prominent than ever. And one of the most reliable ways today to increase your engagement is to produce more content that inspires your audience to hit that save button!

4) Respond to Questions and Comments as soon as possible

Responding to comments is essential to get that conversation moving and further elevate your post to the top of your followers’ feeds.

Instagram identifies your post as a valuable and relevant piece of content if more and more people reply to your post.

Acknowledging your commenters’ audience and engaging in conversations makes followers feel heard and seen, and excited at the same time, to chat with you repeatedly in the future.

You should not reply straight away with a quick friendly comment to have the ball rolling.

Instead, use this opportunity to bring other people into the conversation by tagging their accounts so that they receive a notification that you have mentioned them.

5) Use of Long-tail, Strategically Selected Hashtags and Engaging Stories 

Long-tail hashtags are detailed and specific with a high focus. People clicking on that or searching this hashtag understand accurately what they’re looking for and will possibly engage with your content.

This means that your content is more likely to be noticed and liked or commented on.

Another important aspect without which we can’t talk about increased engagement on Instagram is “stories”.

Increasing your engagement on Stories is completely another topic, as there are lots of things that you can do to produce more engaging Stories that keep your audience engaged.

You can tap on the arrow symbol below the post under your feed, which brings up the option to “create a Story with that post”.

6) Regularly Test and Analyse New Content Types 

You can never discover what serves best for your brand till the time you measure, test, and tweak. Some of the most beneficial content ideas on Instagram evolve from experimentation.

So, you need to get creative, simply make it certain to have a close focus on metrics to see the influence of your great ideas.

If you are not sure where to start from, you can try and test the new content types such as quotes, memes, user-generated content, infographics, and more.

Or you can also explore with video examples like Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, and IGTV. Also, test out several Instagram Stories styles and see if they increase engagement on Instagram.

Now, as you experiment with different content types, remember to constantly monitor your analytics.

With the help of Instagram Analytics, you can observe that how your posts perform over time, and across different metrics like comments, engagement rate, and likes.  


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Your Instagram profile is similar to a business, an industry that is continuously developing and growing while creating deeper connections with its followers.

By following, implementing, and putting these 6 key tactics into practice, you can keep your audience interested, increase engagement on Instagram rate, and bring new followers to your account.

But you always need to remember one thing here, that the main key to success would be your consistency, so you need to work at a pace that will serve you the best, and doing this will surely bring in your desired results.

Following all this, you can definitely increase Instagram engagement and keep those likes, shares, and comments coming in 2021 and beyond.